Saturday September 9th, 2017 9am to 1pm

It's time to de-clutter that garage, basement, attic, toy box, or storage space!!

All you need to do is to:  gather up those items and display them in  your yard. 

Sign-up below so we can include you on a list of participating houses and to ensure that we have signs pointing towards your street.

Signs:  the HOA will be putting up Banners at the entrances to the neighborhoods and a few on major corners inside the neighborhood. If your street is more hidden away and you would like to catch the eye of bargain hunters you and your neighbors may want to put up additional signs leading to your street. The best way to draw attention is to have a large number of neighbors on your street participating. No one wants to drive into a street that looks deserted and they will follow the crowds.

The American Kidney Services will pickup leftover items.  The charity requires a minimum of 25-houses to signup in order for them to come out to VE for pickup.  They will start pickup at 1:30pm after the garage sale.  They will pick up clothing, toys, china, linen, some books, small electronics, and small household goods.  Please have your donations marked "AKF".  They will not take large furniture, large appliances, mattresses, or box springs.  If you have questions on their pickup policies, please contact them at 770-441-2220.

Deadline to sign up for charity pickup is Wednesday September 6th 10am.  You can register after that, but the charity will probably not include you.  We will email out to confirm that we have sufficient signups to warrant the AKS coming out to VE.  When you sign-up below, check "Yes" in the box "Charity Pickup" if you want AKF to pickup your leftover items.

Looking forward to seeing you all participating!

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Event Registration List Neighborhood Garage Sale 9/9/2017 starting on Saturday, September 9, 2017 9:00 AM

NameAttendingAdultsAddressRegistered On  
  Number Attending:      56 0     
4462 STRATTNER, AMYAMYSTRATTNERAmyjo_anderson@hotmail.comYes1 5371 WINDSOR GREEN COURT, MABLETON, GA 301268/27/2017 7:59 PMIchiban915
4517 Gibson, JacquelineJacquelineGibsondacosta.jg@gmail.comYes2 5207 Forest View Trail Se, Mableton, Ga 301269/8/2017 4:36 PMDacosta
4469 Hiott, FrankFrankHiottfhiott@att.netYes1 497 Vinings Estates Drive, Mableton, Ga. 301268/30/2017 4:07 PMfrankiej
4471 Reuter, SibylleSibylleReutersibyllemac@me.comYes1 5118 Vinings Estates Way, Mableton, GA 301268/30/2017 4:42 PMReuter5118
4485 DIAZ-BROWN, SHIRLEYSHIRLEYDIAZ-BROWNsdiazbrown@me.comYes2 5225 FOREST VIEW CIRCLE, MABLETON, GA 301269/2/2017 2:14 PMrashid35
4508 Huffey, BrookeBrookeHuffeybfox1711@hotmail.comYes1 5300 WHITEHAVEN PARK LANE, MABLETON, GA 301269/6/2017 6:56 PMbhuffey
4481 JACOBSON, ROBERTROBERTJACOBSONdjdrbob@msn.comYes2 857 WOODLEAF PARK DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301269/1/2017 4:08 AMjimbinga
4475 PARKER, DIANEDIANEPARKERdianeparker4@gmail.comYes1 5143 VININGS ESTATES WAY, MABLETON, GA 301268/31/2017 3:18 AMdparker4
4459 SHORE, MARNIEMARNIESHOREmarnieshore@bellsouth.netYes1 5105 VININGS ESTATES WAY, MABLETON, GA 301268/26/2017 8:20 PMjake012
4460 GALLUP, PATRICIAPATRICIAGALLUPgalluptrish@gmail.comYes1 5024 VININGS ESTATES TRACE, MABLETON, GA 301268/27/2017 1:24 PM835465
4467 JOSEPH, JOHNJOHNJOSEPHjjoseph0544@charter.netYes2 772 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301268/30/2017 2:22 PMJoseph
4474 SCHAMIS, KEITHKEITHSCHAMISkschamis@bellsouth.netYes1 767 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301268/30/2017 5:56 PMkschamis
4491 ALVAREZ, LAURALAURAALVAREZhra5b@yahoo.comYes2 750 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301269/4/2017 5:31 PMHLAlvarez
4490 SCHMITZ, JULIEJULIESCHMITZjschmitz95@yahoo.comYes1 747 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301269/4/2017 2:50 PMbschmitz
4461 RAYMER, BRENDABRENDARAYMERbwraymer@bellsouth.netYes1 737 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301268/27/2017 4:12 PMbwraymer
4468 Schwenger, JohnJohnSchwengermjschwenger@gmail.comYes2 652 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301268/30/2017 3:07 PMmjschwenger
4497 LASH, CHRISTINECHRISTINELASHcliff.lash@gmail.comYes3 643 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301269/6/2017 12:03 AMccllash
4516 SHAMANSKI, ELIZABETHELIZABETHSHAMANSKIannes@webtronix.netYes1 637 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301269/8/2017 1:34 PMashamanski
4473 Fry, EdwardEdwardFryelfry@att.netYes2 5064 Vinings Estates Ct. Mableton, GA 301268/30/2017 5:28 PMelfry
4514 HORAN, SHANASHANAHORANshanaakers@yahoo.comYes1 5246 STERLING COVE COURT, MABLETON, GA 301269/7/2017 5:14 PMSphoran
4492 GOSSETT, EMILYEMILYGOSSETTemilygossett@bellsouth.netYes1 1409 OAKRIDGE VIEW DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301269/5/2017 1:58 AMrobgossett
4457 PARSLEY, CHRISTOPHERCHRISTOPHERPARSLEYchristopherparsley@yahoo.comYes2 804 KENDALL KNOLL WAY, MABLETON, GA 301268/26/2017 1:14 PMzzcp662
4476 JURAND, DARLENEDARLENEJURANDdsjurand@aol.comYes1 693 HIGHLAND OAKS LANE, MABLETON, GA 301268/31/2017 5:02 AMDarlene5
4500 LOPEZ, CHRISTOPHERCHRISTOPHERLOPEZdiniguez@msn.comYes1 5002 HIGHLAND OAKS COURT, MABLETON, GA 301269/6/2017 1:04 AMDelmyLopez
4487 Green, ColinColinGreentracygreencpa@gmail.comYes2 5200 FOREST VIEW TRAIL, MABLETON, GA 301269/2/2017 9:27 PMgreen
4486 DAVE, NISHANISHADAVEnjdave13@gmail.comYes1 5128 CRESCENT COVE LANE, MABLETON, GA 301269/2/2017 4:39 PMnishadave13
4515 BOEKHAUS, MELISSAMELISSABOEKHAUSmboekhaus@gmail.comYes2 5126 CRESCENT COVE LANE, MABLETON, GA 301269/7/2017 11:48 PMMboekhaus
4494 JUHAN, BARBARABARBARAJUHANbarbara.juhan@gmail.comYes1 5005 VININGS ESTATES PLACE, MABLETON, GA 301269/5/2017 2:20 PMblueberry5
4463 CAMPBELL, CARICARICAMPBELLcari.campbell@suntrust.comYes2 481 VININGS ESTATES DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301268/28/2017 1:45 AMcariccampbell
4477 DOUCETTE, JEANETTEJEANETTEDOUCETTEjaniedou@hotmail.comYes1 4741 LEGACY COVE LANE, MABLETON, GA 301268/31/2017 12:45 PMJaniedou
4493 COLE, EVANEVANCOLEmrrmj9@gmail.comYes2 4980 HIGHLAND OAKS WAY, MABLETON, GA 301269/5/2017 1:13 PMmrrmj9
4496 Graves, MakaylaMakaylaGravesmakayla017@gmail.comYes2 4801 Vinings Approach Dr SE, Mableton, GA 301269/5/2017 7:53 PMLilxSasuke
4495 Elizabeth Davis, MaryMaryElizabeth Davismepjdavis@gmail.comYes1 4705 Legacy Cove Lane, Mableton, GA 301269/5/2017 7:25 PM 
4489 Edwards, LyndiLyndiEdwardslyndilou123@Yahoo.comYes1 5375 Windsor Green Ct.9/4/2017 3:14 AM 
4472 Bradley, PennyPennyBradleypbne12@aol.comYes1 752 Vinings Estates Dr8/30/2017 5:11 PM 
4470 Carman, AmandaAmandaCarmanamanda@carmancpa.comYes2 1235 Grand View Dr SE, Mableton, GA 301268/30/2017 4:37 PM 
4444 MCCARTHY, MATTHEWMATTHEWMCCARTHYmccarthy.matt@gmail.comYes1 690 HIGHLAND OAKS LANE, MABLETON, GA 301268/24/2017 6:10 PMamccarthy
4438 BUCKLEY, JULIEJULIEBUCKLEYjuliebuckley@gmail.comYes1 5001 HIGHLAND OAKS COURT, MABLETON, GA 301268/23/2017 10:22 PMjuliebuckley
4445 GORDON, CAROLCAROLGORDONgordoncg@charter.netYes1 1245 GRAND VIEW DRIVE, MABLETON, GA 301268/24/2017 9:24 PMflash