Swimming Pool Information

Please observe the following rules when using the pool pavilion:

1.   Counter tops, sink, ice chest, grille and floor must be thoroughly cleaned upon completion of use.


2.  All trash, food and drinks must be removed from the Pavilion and placed in the trash containers adjacent to the parking lot upon completion of use.


3.  The propane tank must be turned off AND grille doors locked after each use.


4.  All furniture must be returned to its original location prior to leaving.


5. If you notice propane gas is running low, please notify management or Board President.


Please report any misuse or concerns to management.


Thank you & Enjoy!

2013 Crescent Ridge Pool Swim Schedule.
Days Open:
 May 18th & 19th 6am-11pm
May 25th until Sept. 3rd. 12pm-11pm
July 12th until Sept 3rd. 6am-11pm
Slide opens at 12pm and closed at 6pm weekdays and 8ppm (F, Sat & Sun)
Time Restricted Days
May 27th Opens at 12:3
May 29th, June 3rd, & June 24th 6am-2:30pm