Instructors Use of Vinings Estates Facilities

The following policy has come into effect on May 1st 2013. It is meant to regulate the use of the facilities by homeowners who employ instructors, trainers or coaches.

To keep using the facilities every instructor must file one of the following form and return it to the property manager (office at Crescent Ridge Club House).

 Form for Tennis instructors
 Form for Swim instructors
 Form for Fitness instructors
Those forms are PDF documents that will open in a new window

The new policy is available as a PDF file by clicking here or can be consulted below.

Instructors Use of Vinings Estates Facilities

The following policy is effective as of May 1, 2013 and is intended to regulate the use of all Vinings Estates facilities by homeowners who employ instructors, trainers or coaches.

To use the facilities, every instructor must file one of the appropriate forms and return it to the property manager (office at Crescent Ridge Clubhouse).

Those forms are PDF documents, or are available in hard copy in the management office.

 Form for Swim instructors   Form for Tennis instructors   Form for Fitness instructors


Instructors Use of Vinings Estates Facilities

Vinings Estates Homeowners Association facilities are provided for use by all homeowners in good standing. These facilities include, but are not limited to the Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts and Fitness Center.  The intent of these rules and regulations is to ensure, to the extent possible, equitable use of limited athletic facilities under the jurisdiction of the Vinings Estates Homeowners Association.

Persons or entities (hereafter referred to as instructor) employed by a Vinings Estates homeowner to provide training, coaching or similar service for them or family member(s) must abide by the following procedures and guidelines. If not followed, the Vinings Estates HOA Board will prohibit facility use by the instructor.

1. Prior to initiating any instruction, the instructor must:

    a.  Sign Instructor Liability Waiver / Registration form,

    b.  Submit signed Liability Waiver form

    c.  Provide a copy of the instructors driver’s license,

    d.  Pay an annual registration fee of $75.00, and monthly access/usage fees

         (based on data collected from reservation system)
    e.  Obtain a Vinings Estates Instructor ID card.

    f.   Provide current proof of liability insurance in the amount of at least $2,000,000

          with Vinings Estates listed as an insured.
    g.  Swim instructors must provide current industry recognized instruction certification. 

    h.  Provide proof of current workers’ compensation insurance policy, if applicable.

    i.   Submit fee for each non-Vinings Estates resident instructed (applies only to Tennis) 


All instructors must provide Vinings Estates with evidence of an acceptable, current criminal background check.

The Vinings Estates Instructor ID card must be carried with the Instructor whenever instruction is conducted and be presented upon request by any homeowner.

The Liability Waiver and Instructor Registration forms are at

2. Only Vinings Estates residents may receive swimming instruction in Vinings Estates’ pools.

3. Personal Trainers are only permitted to train residents in the Fitness Center. Training of non-residents IS NOT PERMITTED in the Fitness Center and personal trainers are only permitted access to the facility when accompanied by the resident employing the trainer.

Reservation and use of athletics facilities:

Tennis courts: Only Vinings Estates residents may reserve courts. A resident may reserve no more than one court for any time period. Instructors are not permitted to instruct on multiple courts at one time.

Pools: All individual instruction will be conducted in one lane at the Summit pool.   Vinings Estates residents must not be impeded by individual lessons.  No instruction is to be conducted on Sundays.  Instructors must submit their summer schedule and payment for the scheduled lessons by May 1st.   Any lessons scheduled after that date must be paid for on a monthly basis.  Private instruction will be limited to no more than two (2) students at a time unless the students are from the same family.  The resident employing the instructor must provide key fob access to the pool and remain at the pool for the duration of the lesson. At no time is the instructor permitted to have access to the key fobs. 

Instruction involving more than two (2) students not in the same family by a single instructor at a time is considered group instruction.   The homeowners’ Board of Directors, through the vendor process, must approve all group (more than two students per class) instruction, without exception.

Fitness Center: Equipment may not be reserved. 

If a Vinings Estates resident gives their key fob to an instructor, pursuant to the covenants, the Vinings Estates Homeowners Association will turn-off the key fob and the resident will be charged a separate fee for it to be re-activated.  In repeated cases, the key fob access can be revoked for the entire season.